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Regress by SF Benson

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I was featured on today! Thank you!!

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 3.46.29 PMAge: 16 and up (upper YA)

Genre: YA Dystopian

For fans of: Divergent and Delirium

Summary: Truly Shara Shepard, who lives in war-torn New Detroit, is your typical teenager. She enjoys music and art, but in her world these things are banned. Citizens regularly report the location of Creatives to the government. Not only is Tru guilty of being a criminal, she’s also facing her seventeenth birthday and inoculation with a mandated vaccine which will change her forever.

Zared Aoki is a teenager living on the city’s ravaged streets. When the New Order came into power, homeless people were swept out of sight. According to the government, Zared doesn’t exist. The mission he’s on will make sure officials won’t forget who he is ever again.

When Tru and Zared’s paths cross, sparks fly—in more ways than one. Tru is reckless and has no tolerance for liars. Zared plans his moves…

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An interesting summation about indie publishing!

C.S. Wilde

As an indie author, I focus most of my budget on editing. One, because I want to get a FANTASTIC book out there, and two, indies in general have a bad reputation. And that bugs me. Some of us put really terrible stuff out in the world, I won’t deny it. But then again, so do many trad publishers.

Anyway, putting a high quality book out there means my budget for everything else is quite…restrained. And making a book is not JUST about writing and editing, oh no, my friends. I wish it was.

So here are a few things that you, as an indie on a tight budget, will need to take care of(besides writing a great book):


  • The basics: Writing an enticing blurb, your copyright page, your back matter, dedication, acknowledgments, about the author, etc
  • That was the easy part. And no…

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