An Unlikely Pairing: A Review of The Supernatural The Succubi

Posted: December 17, 2015 in Book Review
Tags: , , , Description: “When a cryptic letter is left at the doorway of her dormitory, nineteen-year-old succubus Skylark Quinn is sent in place of her nemesis, Alexis, on a top secret mission. Why she has to go with Kragan Kane—the biggest jerk, and hottest incubus on campus—is beyond her, but the decision’s well above her pay grade.

All Skylark knows for sure is the ancients are keeping secrets and the supernatural community is on edge. Rumors claim immortals’ powers are at risk, but burdened by a supernatural power she despises, why should Skylark even care?”

About the Author

c3b652_f70fe6107d984ece8119840e3ce7b12aJulia Crane dreamt of elves and teen androids long before she captured them and put them on paper. She’s written and released over fifteen young adult and new adult titles over the past two and a half years. From science fiction adventures to succubus, Julia’s fresh voice is easy to read and imaginative. Widely known for her Keegan’s Chronicles and IFICS series, she’s hit numerous best selling list on Amazon.

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My Review

I loved the Supernatural Chronicles: The Succubi by Julia Crane!

The characters were phenomenal. I just loved the interaction between Kragan and Skylar. It was the hottest read, so far, in the series. Both of them were strong-willed characters. The interesting twist was that Skylar did not want to be a succubus. She knew what it meant to be her kind and she didn’t embrace the powers or what she needed to do to sustain them. Kragan, on the other hand, relished his powers. He wasn’t crazy about their situation, but refused to ignore what being an incubus was about.

Crane’s installment in the series was the second book that wasn’t totally focused on saving The Veil. It was just as important for these two supernaturals find a way to enjoy their own future apart from saving all supernatural beings. Just proof that even ‘Otherworld’ types can be a little selfish.

The end of The Succubi was heartbreaking. Skylar was remarkable in her strength and selflessness. I don’t know if I could have thrown away the future, I desperately wanted for the good of others.

I want to read more about Skylar and Kragan. There are plenty of loosends to tie up–Skylar’s confrontation with Raquel, Kragan’s search for a ‘way’, and the ultimate question, is there a future for Skylar and Kragan.

Fortunately, there will be a sequel! Click here to pre-order.28144348

I highly recommend this installment of The Supernatural Chronicles.

Rating: 5 hands up5 hands up5 hands up5 hands up5 hands up

(5 Hands=Excellent; 4 Hands=Pretty Good; 3 Hands=Good)


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