Goals Accomplished!!

Posted: June 22, 2015 in Book Thoughts


Rachelle Wood! She’s a great person with a new blog! If you want to explore words, check her out at https://onceuponalexicon.wordpress.com/

Don’t let anyone fool you. Being a writer is hard work.

Attending my first UtopYA Con was a big deal. I had BIG fun. I met great people and had a great time. But, it wasn’t a vacation. I had a job to do with goals to accomplish and I succeeded!

First, networking…I worked my butt off! I had 250 business cards with me. I gave out nearly 75% of them! I promoted myself. I promoted this blog. I promoted my future endeavors. I was a walking, talking greeting machine. I met some wonderful, wonderful people. Shout out to Noomi MillerDenise Grover-SwankLauren MillerKD Wood, and many others for their words of wisdom and encouragement. And, thank you Jaci Chaney…you helped me in so many ways!

Second, I wanted to learn ways to grow this blog. I learned so much. Thank you Jo Michaels for the great ideas! There will be a big blog event in October. Stay tuned! If you’re a Paranormal author reading this and you don’t know about it, contact me! We need to hook up.

Third, I wanted to learn what I needed to do with my babies–my first and second works-in-progress. My first baby is more like a toddler and nearly ready to take its first steps into the world. I now know what I’ll be doing next with them. I’ve gotten great referrals for contacts. I’ve made connections with potential mentors. When I’m ready, I’ll be reaching out to these important individuals.

But, most importantly, I had fun. As a writer it’s very easy to seal yourself off from the world. But, it’s our experiences within the world that feed our creativity. Without it, we’ll soon run dry. I fed my creativity pool this past week. I’ve mixed in people I want to stay in touch with (Carlyle Labuschagne, Corinne O’Flynn, Laura Thalassa, Casey L. Bond, Natasha Hanova, Venessa Kimball, Cameo Renae, Stacey Rourke, Shawn McGuire, Ciara Knight, Ginny Gallagher and many, many others). I got to thank the people who have inspired this journey I’m on…Stacey Marie BrownHeather Hildenbrand and Heather Sunseri.

All in all, my path was validated! Writing and reading are my passions. I enjoy sharing my joy of the written word with all of you. Stay tuned to this blog! There are great things waiting to be read…

  1. rachelle says:

    You are SO SWEET! Thank you for the birthday shout-out! I’m preparing for launch today and enjoying my birthday! Can’t wait to read more of your wonderful posts!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. writejomichaels says:

    You’re so welcome! Be sure and ping me when you’re ready to get going so I can promote you, babe! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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